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For car cameras ,we have got many popular models ,like the turtle camera ET-388,butterfly car camera ET-688 and also 2 in 1 camera ET-588 set ,which are hot selling models all over the market .Except that ,we still have LED and IR camera like ET-489LED and ET-388IR ,which helps you get a good night vision when you drive in the night .And also,car license plate cameras we also sold a lot to American market ,like our model ET-3688 and ET-3988 .Meanwhile ,we also have moving line cameras like our model ET-389M ,the principle is according to the G-sensor ,when your steeling wheel turned direction ,the trajectory line will move with your direction ,which helps you better parking .AHD camera ,CVBS camera or AHD&CVBS transform camera ,wide angle 190 camera,一个,两个或三个控制电缆摄像机,我们可以根据您的要求制作。所有摄像机都是高分辨率,防水,耐高低温,通过 ISO、CE、EMC 和 Rohs 认证。免费样品可以提供给评测用!对于车载显示器,有多种尺寸供您参考 0.4.3inch,如我们热销的ET-433和ET-436。ET-437是我们定制的一款,可以安装0.5inch特殊汽车的定制支架显示器,ET-501和ET-500,也适用于7英寸,ET-701,ET-718和ET-758,一到四个通道,带有线或无线后视系统。 

停车传感器,如我们的型号 ET-600、22mm 和 18mm,也接受 OEM 尺寸,前传感器和后传感器供您选择。我们的停车辅助检测准确,帮助您安全驾驶。

像E1、E2和E3一样的USB DVR,体积小,安装方便,只需将USB端口与Android DVD连接即可实现录制。添加一个备份摄像头即可实现前后录制。并且还具有ADAS功能,提醒您任何时候当汽车下车或其他汽车靠近您时。

360 鸟瞰系统 2D 和 3D,我们也有盲点检测系统。

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